Incentives and Changes in Law

October 19, 2016
By Dan Rubins

Why is the legal profession slow to change? One word: incentives.

What is behind lawyer's anxiety about AI?

October 14, 2016
By Dan Rubins

There are so many good things happening in AI and Law - why does the conversation so often devolve into blathering about Doomsday scenarios, and what is the real substance behind lawyer’s anxiety about AI?

IBM SmartCamp SF - we won!

October 13, 2016
By Dan Rubins

Last night, we had the opportunity to compete with some other great companies in the SF edition of the global IBM SmartCamp program. I was honored when I found out Legal Robot won.

How Legal Robot works: Word Vectors

September 14, 2016
By Dan Rubins

Processing real-world information is messy. Real-world information is even more problematic with Legal Language, where the amount of information and degree of precision encoded in language is extremely high. Every single word carries meaning and is often placed carefully. While Legal Language can be difficult for us mere mortals to read and understand, lawyers who craft contracts often do so with great intention.