May 18, 2016

A growing applied NLP/search/data-centric conference bringing together legal professionals, startup engineers, researchers, and entrepreneurs, using text mining to build new companies through understanding of business and legal data. Every business document should have clear meaning as it may have legal, contractual, and complicance ramifications. Although much of ecommerce moved online, business workflows exist within private document-centric ecosystems. In every company there’s a “document black market” where documents are shared laterally among the employees without explicit governance and machine understanding helping the company understand where information is. We bring the same successful approaches powering search and NLP on the Web to business document ecosystem.

For Law By the Bay, some specific topics of interest include those covered in Text By the Bay 2015 and beyond and applying to legal domain, such as

  • Open-source libraries for parsing, entity linking, etc., at scale
  • Public corpora, crowdsourcing, labels, AI platforms, human-computer systems
  • Semantic modeling, knowledge bases, ontologies, legal search
  • Personalized legal NLP – e.g. understanding individual judges from their output
  • Deep Learning on legal corpora
  • And more!