May 19, 2016

AI by the Bay is a new conference following Text By the Bay 2015, the new applied data science and engineering conference centered around machine learning applied to communication understanding. The original focus was NLP, but we already received and featured great talks and panelists working with mixed-mode data, e.g. from Trulia and Enlitic. We also had folks building personal assistants, working with speech, and understanding streaming data. Sensors and other Internet of Things devices are generating more of these streams every day. We’ll apply the same scientific rigor and uncompromizing software engineering to AI and IoT domains, and connect them through open-source systems, applications, and community.

For AI, some topics include

  • Image+Text
  • Medical data – devices, sensors, images, tests
  • Deep learning – both theory and practice
  • Massive hardware rollouts and API/data platforms
  • Smart Home
  • Speech, Music
  • Personal Assistants