May 25, 2016

The Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference will be the launchpad event for the community. We are in the midst of a “perfect storm” with:

  • maturity and accessibility of core AI technologies
  • an explosion of data and data sciences
  • an exponential increase in computing power
  • plummeting storage costs

These trends are creating a very favorable environment for startups to create new innovation applying AI and transforming the way people connect, work, and live.

The Applied AI Conference will explore these subjects and focus on how startup entrepreneurs will leverage these new technologies to create the companies of the future.

Join us to learn from extraordinary speakers, discover new technologies, and expand your network.


How Applied Artificial Intelligence is changing…


Transportation | Smart Cities | Logistics | Legal | eHealth


FinTech | Future of Work | HR | Sales | Marketing | Security | Retail


Virtual Assistants | Connected Home | Safety | Entertainment | Lifestyle

More information about the speakers and the final agenda can be found on