SAP Startup Focus Pitch

March 17, 2016 -

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SAP Startup Focus hosted Direct to VC: Pitch to Intel Capital and Founder Institute on March 17th, 2016 to provide a pitch platform for VCs and startups to enrich community and discussion of enterprise solutions. Sanjit Dang of Intel Capital and Adeo Ressi of Founder Institute graciously joined as the titular VCs to provide expert feedback and advice to startups that pitched and shared their solution.

Eight entrepreneurs making strides in IoT, supply chain, healthcare, legaltech, and many other fields took the room one after another to showcase their innovation, customer value, and market approach. Joining Sanjit, Adeo, and the presenting startups were other data-conscious startups and consultancies – altogether exploring the modern enterprise’s overarching problems and the direction to take to fix them.

Dan Rubins led the audience to explore legaltech with Legal Robot, which uses AI to make the law easier and better for everyone. Dan is founder of Legal Robot and a current Mentor at Founder Institute. Legal Robot utilizes machine learning and natural language products to dig into arduous legal documents and processes, so consumers, businesses, and lawyers can mutually understand legal language and focus on what matters.

Adeo and Sanjit: This can create more economic opportunities – it democratizes legal boundaries and control for everybody.