#Go0to60: Journey Towards Product Market Fit

August 30, 2016 -

A large percentage of start-ups fail due to no market need for their product or service. Identifying a real problem, recognizing the shortcomings in the existing solution and delivering a product or service that offers a significant improvement over the existing are some of the most critical aspects of building a company.

During this fireside chat we are going to discuss the journey towards product market fit with Dan Rubins from Legal Robot.

Dan is the co-founder and CEO of Legal Robot, an AI company that builds legal products with machine learning. Previously, he worked with McKesson and Wells Fargo in various roles covering architecture, development, M&A, and finance. Dan is also a mentor at the San Francisco and Silicon Valley chapters of the Founder Institute, The Last Mile, and the Gateway Accelerator.

The fireside chat is moderated by Himakara Pieris. Hima is the founder and CEO of Hydra, a demand generation platform that helps companies automate personalized lead engagement and follow-ups. Hima has over a decade of experience as a programmer and product manager. Hydra is his third start-up.