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July 7, 2016
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PARIS—Amid a global technology gathering, Amplifier, Next World and Le Comptoir de l’innovation, partnered to highlight the power of pairing technology and social impact.

We joined 45,000 investors and executives at Viva Technology Paris from June 30-July 2 to launch our #Tech4Good Challenge that connected and curated innovative startups focused on social impact.

“We are in the golden era of philanthropy with modern tools and technology helping us solve the world’s most pressing challenges,” said Amplifier CEO Allison Duncan. “This innovative conference spurred best-in-class technology that will help create a better world.”

The challenge elevated 25 bold startups focused on diverse aspects of social change. Collectively, they spurred a mindset shift of what’s possible when modern tools are combined with impact investments to solve social issues. The participants applied systems change strategies to diverse issues that make society stronger.

The challenge was won by Project Callisto, a college campus sexual assault reporting system.

Participants in the challenge received coaching and feedback on impact potential and investment opportunities. Manisha Binghe, senior manager of Tata Trust, led a rotating jury of fellow experts, including Vincent Dialo, Tabreez Verjee, and several members of Le Comptoir de l’innovation, including executive director Jean-Michel Lecuyer.

Visitor to the #Tech4Good Challenge booth included French President François Hollande, French Minister of the Economy Emmanuel Macron, and French Secretary of State Axelle Lemaire.

Chantal-HollandeDownloaded fromFB

French President François Hollande and Amplifier Head of Digital Chantal Buard discuss the #Tech4Good Challenge at Viva Technology Paris on June 30.

“We organized #tech4good to be an inspiration for entrepreneurs to harness their creativity and innovation in ways that will tackle key social and environmental issues,” said Amplifier Head of Digital Chantal Buard. “The energy was contagious. We are seeing what tech can do to make a lasting difference.”

The #Tech4Good Challenge attracted numerous visitors from the private sector who have begun to shift time, money and talent into the collaborative effort of building a sustainable future. The collective scope of the participants modeled innovations that build efficiency, activate capital, shift mindsets and create breakthrough solutions in service delivery.

Viva Technology’s unique mission is to bring the world’s most innovative startups together with the major global players in digital transformation. Learn more about the innovative social good startups who participated: #tech4good participants/organizers


#tech4good participants:

Twenty innovative companies were invited to participate in the #tech4good challenge:


Providing a framework of integrated services for farmers and co-ops to work, buy, sell and share assets fairly and securely.

Location: London, United Kingdom

Innovation: Distribution of agriculture; mobile and server software


Committed to bringing The Next 4 Billion (N4B) online by providing mobile Internet services anywhere there is a working phone signal.

Location: Paris, France

Innovation: Mobile; information technology


Boosting the health, dignity and economic opportunity of the urban poor by delivering running water to every urban home.

Location: Paris, France

Innovation: Water utility sector -IoT; mobile money


Crimebot allows users to anonymously report crimes and criminals, including a location-aware hotspot map of criminal activity.

Location: Kingston, Jamaica

Innovation: Security; crime reporting; desktop and mobile application

Drones & Good by CALSO

Leveraging the power of drone technology to empower underserved populations, Drones & Good provides veterans tools to transition to the civilian workforce.

Location: San Francisco, United States

Innovation: E-learning platform; training and job placement; desktop

EcoTech Foundation

Eco-friendly training in the use of energy harvesting techniques, eco-design and eco-industrialization of embedded electronic devices.

Location: Paris, France

Innovation: Energy supply chain; software and hardware


Creating online solutions to contribute to a better world through self-selected advertising that yields free donations.

Location: Paris, France

Innovation: Fundraising; digital advertising; desktop and mobile application

Grassroot Nation

A platform with purpose-built mobile tools for community action that helps ordinary people and marginalized communities amplify their ability to lead.

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Innovation: Community organizing; mobile application


Helping the visually impaired by guiding them with the sense of touch, which increases mobility and frees up the sense of hearing.

Location: Paris, France

Innovation: Wearable technology; GPS


A messaging platform to connect helpers and people in crisis.

Location: London, United Kingdom

Innovation: Helplines; desktop, mobile and server

Impact Atlas

A technology platform to bring transparency, efficiency and quality to best-in-class solutions for global challenges.

Location: San Francisco, United States

Innovation: digital platform; monitoring and evaluation; global development programs

Legal Robot

Automated legal document review using artificial intelligence to ensure fairness and improve transparency.

Location: San Francisco, United States

Innovation: Legal services; human rights; desktop and mobile application


Social enterprise specialized in innovative financing, corporate social responsibility and embedded giving.

Location: Paris, France

Innovation: Fundraising; desktop; API

Mind Myths

A virtual reality learning environment to promote personal well-being and self-healing.

Location: Sligo, Ireland

Innovation: Mental health; virtual reality

New Harvest

A non-profit research institute accelerating breakthroughs in cellular agriculture to feed a growing population sustainably, safely, and affordably.

Location: New York; San Francisco, United States

Innovation: Biotechnology; factory farming; industrialized agriculture


On a mission to deliver electricity to the remotest villages in Africa.

Location: Paris, France

Innovation: Electricity supply in emerging markets; mobile/tablet


A community of designers, developers, data scientists and aid workers collaborating to help refugees prosper in Europe.

Location: Montpellier, France

Innovation: Need matching resource; desktop and mobile application


Microtransactions for microloans that support entrepreneurs in developing countries to create and grow their small businesses.

Location: San Francisco, United States

Innovation: Social entrepreneurship; fundraising; digital platform

**Sexual Health Innovations: Project Callisto**

Dedicated to creating technology that advances sexual health and wellbeing, Project Callisto is a trauma-informed college sexual assault reporting system.

Location: San Francisco, United States

Innovation: Sexual health; survivor support; digital reporting


Delivering services in the right place at the right time through location-based, real-time communication and resource management.

Location: London, United Kingdom

Innovation: NGOs/public sector services; desktop, mobile and server software

#tech4good organizers:

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