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December 7, 2016
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Legal Robot’s Artificial Intelligence engine can scan a long form contract, and provide you with a 1 page summary of all the important issues contained in the contract, as well as red flags that may be present.

Legal Robot substitutes traditional contract review (and drafting as well) with an automated, intelligent natural language processing AI system. Using their legal language model, the intelligent assistant flags issues & proposes enhancements by considering best practices, risk factors, and jurisdictional differences.

Legal Robot gives you an immediate error check for your contracts helping you produce better legal documents, but more importantly, avoiding contracts that would be detrimental to your wishes, unfair agreements, and agreements with hidden clauses that can hurt you.

Originally appeared on the Attorney Marketing Secrets Podcast. Richard Jacobs is the best-selling author of: “Secrets of Attorney Marketing that Law School Dares Not Teach”, available on Amazon, Kindle and Audible. Richard has helped over 650 attorneys nationwide in 17 different practice areas to attract more clients, and grow their law firms.

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