DMCA Safe Harbor Bot

Simple DMCA compliance for website owners. Automatically file, monitor, and update DMCA Designated Agent registration according to 17 U.S.C. ยง 512(c)(2). If you operate a website in the US and you let users post content, you could be exposed to significant liability for copyright infringement claims without this product.
DMCA Process
DMCA Process


Contract Analytics

Legal Robot's flagship product. Automatically extract key business terms. Find problems with legal style, definitions, risky language, and more. Compare documents and securely collaborate with your legal team.
Contract Analysis Process
Contract Analysis Process

DMCA Compliance Bot

Automatically verify, triage, and act on DMCA complaints. Generate and publish court-admissible and publicly-auditable evidence of your compliance to a blockchain to strengthen your defense against 3rd party infringement claims.

Website Terms Analyzer

Evaluate website terms and privacy policies against a huge database of website terms. Automatically score terms based on fairness and compliance with an ever-changing regulatory landscape. Detect when terms have changed and understand how changes impact consumer rights.


Legal Simplifier

Automatically summarize complex legalese into simple language. Translate summaries into other languages to improve understanding of important documents across the world. Create simple visualizations and pictograms of legal language.